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FROGMEN by Richard Hyman

FROGMEN The true story of my journeys with Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the crew of Calypso.


In his personal account of SCUBA diving with Jacques Cousteau, Richard Hyman takes us behind the scenes with Cousteau’s diving team, inside the legendary ship Calypso, and under the sea to some of the world’s most breathtaking underwater SCUBA diving locations.

Frogmen is an inspiring adventure that pays homage to one of the greatest explorers and visionaries of all time, Captain Jacques Cousteau.

Cousteau co-invented the aqualung, a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, commonly known as SCUBA. The advent of the aqualung set divers free from their traditional dependence on breathing air through tethers, allowing them to swim more freely underwater for extended periods of time.

After the war, French SCUBA divers located and removed underwater enemy mines, which is ironic as the ship that Cousteau would convert and make famous, Calypso, was formerly a U.S. minesweeper.

Richard Hyman’s book recounts SCUBA diving on the historic civil war ironclad the USS Monitor and assorted marine life including coral reefs, grouper, and spiny lobsters.

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FROGMEN by Richard Hyman

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