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FROGMEN by Richard Hyman


Aye Calypso, Ex-Crew Member Sings to Cousteau's Spirit

Richard Hyman of Weston: A frogman’s voyage with
Jacques Cousteau

Book Review 'British Diver'

Diving with Cousteau: Weston writer remembers
Please note the writer stated incorrect title.
Correct title is FROGMEN.

Furman University Reports: Recent publications by alumni and staff
Page 39 in magazine (page 21 of PDF).

Deep Sea Adventurer Discusses New Book

At the Back of the Boat: Richard E. Hyman


Readers review "FROGMEN"

“Read your book -- awesome history” - Gary

“I enjoyed "Frogmen" very much. Thanks for writing it.” - Bob

“What an education it was for me to read, in detail, of the many dynamics above and below the surface of the sea. I savored the technical details as well as the social interplay with the diverse crew in such close quarters. He had the grit to hold his own. I liked the style of presentation. His humor and metaphors were nicely placed and I love the music that he enjoyed. I found his epilogue very touching. ” - Jim

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book. You had quite the adventures with the Cousteau Team, as a young man…Thanks, again, for an enjoyable read.” – Neil

“It was a really fun read and very informative. I found so many things of interest. I can’t imagine steering that ship in some of those storms or diving that deep. Hopefully you are working on a sequel.” – John

“The book is a meticulously written and a very entertaining and interesting memoir that takes the reader right on board the Calypso for an intimate look at her numerous adventures. Readers will appreciate the intimate look at life aboard the ship. The book should also attract plenty of other readers drawn to the interesting subject matter and entertaining and informative narrative. Even armchair sailors who have never set foot on the deck of a ship will get a front-row seat to some eye-popping adventures, and I would be very surprised if anyone is able to put the book down without reading it from beginning to end.” – Renee

Frogmen book review, Richard E. Hyman


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